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Events and Group Meditations

At Bondi Meditation Centre we see teaching you to meditate as only part of our job. The other parts are making sure that you are supported in maintaining a regular practice and that you have access to knowledge and experiences that assist your spiritual growth.

Check out our upcoming events and group meditations below and keep an eye on our website timetable, facebook and instagram for updates. Some of our events and group meditations are for members only, see more details on becoming a member here.

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We team up with inspiring practitioners and teachers to provide a holistic offering to you through talks, workshops, and classes including Ayurvedic knowledge talks, Kirtan, Yoga and breathwork classes. This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, have fun and share in some new experiences.

  • Online Group Rounding

    For those of you who have already learned Vedic Rounding join Matt or Mairead for a group round on Zoom. Rounding provides very deep, restorative rest and is exactly what the Viadya (ayurvedic doctor) ordered at this time. Free. Open to anyone who has already learned rounding from a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher.

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  • Online Learn Vedic Rounding Course

    ‘Rounding’ is the easiest and most immediate way for Vedic Meditators to take their meditation experience to the next level. Rounding is an advanced technique that combines simple yoga asanas, breathwork and meditation to powerful effect.

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  • Intro Talks

    If you are interested in learning to meditate, the first step is to attend an introductory talk. This is a one hour overview of Vedic Meditation and covers the details of how the technique works, the benefits of meditation and the structure of the course. The introductory talk is free of charge and there is no obligation to take the course.

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  • Ayurvedic Pulse diagnosis

    Pulse diagnosis is an accurate Ayurvedic diagnostic tool employed to assess where any imbalance exists in the body. Using this information the Ayurvedic practitioner can give advice on how to restore balance to the body and mind.

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  • Yin Yoga online with Alice

    Join us every Friday at 7pm for our free Yin Yoga class with Alice. Unwind after the work week, release stress and calm the mind. This session is free and everyone is welcome.

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Group Meditations

We host weekly group meditations where we come together to support each other in our practice and enjoy the power of meditating in a large group.

  • Monday Night Group Meditation and Discussion

    Every Monday we come together as a community for a deep relaxing group meditation before sharing and exploring ideas around our meditation technique and life in general. We explore whatever comes up and everyone is invited to contribute. Free for BMC Members and all other Vedic and Transcendental meditators.

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  • Sunrise Meditation at Bondi Beach

    Join us every Thursday in summer for a free sunrise group meditation at Bondi Beach. Group meds are about coming together as a community and experiencing the potent benefits of meditating as a group. Everyone is welcome. Not on during winter.

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  • Sunday Group Meditation and Tea Party

    Unwind from the weekend and connect with others in the community for a group meditation. Everyone is welcome! Not on during winter.

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