During our immersive experience you will learn the art of Vedic Rounding and dive deeper into your meditation practice than ever before. Expect to come away deeply rested, refreshed and ready to live your potential.

Rest. Rejuvenate. Expand.

vedic meditation retreats


Learn practical Vedic life-hacks in our evening knowledge sessions


Freshly cooked, organic ayurvedic meals and daily routine.

Vedic Rounding

Yoga Asana, Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation.

“Bliss is the first word that comes to mind after being in the 3 days retreat with Matt and Mairead. They were amazing hosts with devoted knowledge on the Vedic philosophies.Discovering the rounding and Vedic meditation with these two inspirational teachers was an absolute delightful and life enhancing experience that I will treasure for a very long time. The group and myself were completely looked after in every way.I can was highly recommend Bondi Meditation Centre. The retreat was incredibly beautiful, restful and nourishing.”

- tanya, bmc student

purify your body

Over a five day retreat you will release the same amount of stress as you would from  a year of twice daily meditation. Every aspect of the retreat is designed to optimise this process, from the rounding practice itself to the food, drinks and the daily routine.


The practice of rounding powerfully enhances your ability to experience the present moment in its fullest - allowing you to be more connected to life and open to whatever it brings you.

get to know yourself

By removing external distractions and diving deeply within, we access a direct experience of the essence of ourself,  bringing us to new levels of self acceptance and self love.


As we progress on our spiritual journeys, it's not uncommon  for some old friendships to fade away (become less relevant) and leave a gap. Retreats are a beautiful time to deepen relationships within the community and make some new friends who are on the same wavelength.

The foundation of all our retreats is the practice of Vedic Rounding. Rounding combines a very specific sequence of yoga asanas with pranayama (breathwork) and Vedic Meditation to facilitate rapid stress release and expansion of consciousness.

Vedic Rounding

The highlights:

Āyurveda is an ancient system of holistic medicine and healing that helps us live a life of balance, in harmony with nature.

Our retreats are organised according to ayurvedic principles, from the daily routine (dinacharya) to the delicious,  freshly cooked ayurvedic meals prepared by specialist ayurvedic chefs. 


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The only prerequisite to come on a retreat is that you have learnt Vedic Meditation, regardless of how often or for how long you have been meditating. Retreats are ideal for lapsed meditators looking to re-engage with their practice as well as anyone wanting to take their Vedic Meditation practice to the next level.

 If you haven't learnt yet, no problem! You can attend one of our Learn Vedic Meditation courses
 prior to the retreat.

BMC Retreats


Enjoy the amazing benefits of a Rounding retreat without needing to leave Bondi. From Friday 23rd February evening until Sunday 25th afternoon, Mairead will guide a small group of 9 meditators through a weekend of Rounding in-person at BMC. While you are deep in practice Mairead will be cooking up a nourishing Ayurvedic lunch to enjoy whilst you check-in and explore some Vedic wisdom.

3 days at BMC
23rd - 25th Feb

Urban Rounding Weekend, Sydney

tell me more!

Introducing the Rishikesh Rounding Retreat, with your hosts Matt and Mairead. This is the first time we will be taking a group to India. It has been a long time coming and WE CANNOT WAIT!

Our Rishikesh Rounding Retreat here is the longest of the year, it is a chance to escape, deeply unwind and release years of stress whilst also having an adventure! Transformation guaranteed.

9 days, 8 nights
28th March - 5th April 2024

Rishikesh, India


Since it's creation in 2019 Soma, Byron Bay has developed a reputation as the most beautiful, purpose-built retreat centre in Australia. This is our most luxurious retreat with lavish, designer accommodation, a stunning infinity pool, the option of ayurvedic treatments and of course, the famous yoga dome.

4 days, 3 nights 
4th - 7th Oct

Byron Bay NSW

A favourite  with the BMC community, this is our most accessible retreat, located  just an hour and a half south of Sydney. 
The property and coastline location are stunning. A convenient escape when you need to unwind some stress, recharge and get back to the best version of yourself.

5 days, 4 nights
3rd - 7th June

Seacliff House, Gerringong NSW


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