Letting go is the most powerful skill we can learn.

When we truly let go, fear and suffering dissolve and are replaced by freedom and peace. Life is transformed. The question is how do we do it? How do we let go?

our 6-week live cours begins 19 august

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It’s not something that comes naturally to most of us, in fact our instinct is to do the opposite and hold on.

 Why is that?

It’s because the one certainty in life is change, but as humans we have a natural tendency to resist change. We often hold onto things just to keep things the same, even if they cause us to suffer.

The good news is that, no matter how difficult we find it to let go, we can learn to let go. And I'm here to help you do just that.

The most common question I get asked is “how can I let go?”

You are not alone.

 "OMG I loved the course. It’s super practical and it’s almost instant."

- Beatrix






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Forgive yourself and others

Break free from old patterns

Fearlessly meet any challenge

Design the life you want

Ability to embrace change


19 august — 23 September

A 6-week live course built around simple but powerful techniques and practical wisdom that will help you let go of whatever is holding you back.  

Learn to
Let Go



The Letting Go Technique

This simple technique will transform your experience of life and how you interact with it. It will totally reframe your experience of pain and fear so that you can accept any situation and work with it, rather than resisting it.


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Guided Letting Go Exercises

Sometimes it helps to be nurtured through the process of letting go. In these stand alone guided exercises Matt takes you step-by-step through the process of letting go when you may be feeling particularly vulnerable or overwhelmed.

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WhatsApp group Q&A with Matt Ringrose 

When taking the course you get access to the Learn to Let Go WhatsApp group where you can ask Matt any questions on the course content as you go and listen to answers to questions from other community members.


Q&A's with Matt and Anna

Matt’s co-host on Learn to Let Go is Anna Apps, his co-presenter on the Very Vedic podcast. Anna took the course as it was recorded and in these live conversations she describes her experiences and asks Matt questions about practising the techniques.

“This groundbreaking course came at the exact right timing & was the perfect next piece of the puzzle for my journey.”

What you'll learn:

The science of why we hold on.

The 3 big lies about letting go.

How to let go of your stickiest stuff: fear of change, regret, guilt, other people’s opinions and more.

How to self-heal and dissolve your stress.

How letting go is easy when you know how.


“The course has been so profound for me, in so many ways."

 I feel a greater sense of love, gratitude, compassion, and presence. I also feel a great sense of freedom and empowerment that grows and grows each time I practice the ‘Letting Go’ techniques.

I feel strangely excited by emotional ‘challenges’ because I know that I now have the tools to not only face any adversity but to grow from them.

Anna, Letting go co-host

"I let go of Covid!"

I unfortunately got covid over Christmas, which meant I had to isolate by myself- and while it was super challenging, I really tried to use it as an opportunity to practice the letting go course teachings. I had moments of real bliss and surrender but also a lot of sadness and frustration that I couldn’t always let go of. Anyways! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the course - it’s so powerful and at times I was almost excited to be going through something hard so I could practice it. I think I still have a long way to go but it really helped me so thank you! ❤️ xx

"I let go of being controlling."

The biggest thing it has done for me is to release attachment from desired outcomes, whether that is work related, love related, living arrangement or with family and friends. Now when I notice I have an attachment to an outcome of something I am moving towards or away from, I use the method to understand that my body is having a reaction to my desired outcome which isn’t entirely in my control. And then I can release it, trusting that what is meant to be will be. Specifically, I have entirely let go of my attachment to a future in Australia and if I will be able to stay in the country past my visa expiry. Although, I desire it and will work towards it, the universe will bring me where I need to be. 

Julie, letting go member

Success stories:

Lily, Letting Go Member

live online Q+A

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“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- NATASHA, Letting Go Member

A year from now you
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25 audio lectures

2 recorded Q&As with Anna and Matt

2 guided letting go exercises

12 supporting diagrams

3 x Installments

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25 audio lectures

2 recorded Q&As with Anna and Matt

2 guided letting go exercises

12 supporting diagrams

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“This evening I had a huge panic attack so I listened to the guided Letting Go exercise and the anxiety evaporated. ”

- ben, letting go member

I felt a little bit lightheaded - a bit high. My wife Becki came in and asked how I was and I said I was fine, it's gone. The next 30 minutes I felt a feeling of mild ecstasy and I felt like I had the strength to fight a bull - which I haven't felt for a long time. I said these words to Becki: "I've won. I don't ever have to be afraid again. Then I burst into tears because I'm basically a southern tart."

I'm the Founder of Bondi Meditation Centre and host of the Very Vedic podcast. I've been teaching Vedic Meditation and the body of Vedic knowledge that accompanies it for a decade. During that time I have developed a particular passion for mastering the art of letting go. This course is the summation of my own journey of letting go together with the experience of helping hundreds of my students let go for themselves.

Check out Matt and Anna's podcast

There is a voice inside all of us that doesn’t want us to meet our potential. It’s that voice that’s saying to you right now that this course might work for some people, but it won’t work for you. Or that these are just more in a long line of empty promises.

The truth is that the tools and techniques in this course are universal. Anyone who follows the simple instructions will learn to let go. The only prerequisite is that you have identified that there are things that are holding you back in life. You don’t even need to feel ready to let go right now. You just need to be open to the possibility of letting go and take the first step.

You're so much stronger than you think you are.  

you're in the right place.

This      for you if:

You have recognised that holding on to things is holding you back

Want to try to keep controlling your way to happiness

You want to prioritise growth over maintaining the status quo

You are opposed to change at all costs

You are seeking true freedom and fearlessness

It's probably        for you if...

You are not interested in realising your true potential 



Let's do this thing.


Payment Plan

25 audio lectures

2 recorded Q&As with Anna and Matt

2 guided letting go exercises

12 supporting diagrams

3 x Installments

select the plan
that works for you:

whatsapp Community forum

lifetime access

One Payment 

25 audio lectures

2 recorded Q&As with Anna and Matt

2 guided letting go exercises

12 supporting diagrams

whatsapp Community forum

lifetime access

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This program includes everything you need to finally let go.

Learn to Let Go will equip you with all the tools you need to overcome the barriers that have blocked you from letting go in the past. This course will open the door for you. All that will be left is for you to walk through it.

Do I need to be trained in Vedic Meditation?

This course is for anyone wanting to let go of anything that is holding them back. No prior experience in Vedic meditation is necessary, however, we do recommend it for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course structured?

There are 24 modules containing 25 audio tracks, 12 diagrams, 3 Q&As, 2 guided letting-go exercises, and a WhatsApp Community Group hosted by Matt. There is a live Q&A but other than that there are no set class times. The material is available for you to complete at your own pace and convenience. 

How long do I have access to the course for?

Once purchased, the course is yours for life. All students of Learn to Let Go become Learn to Let Go lifetime members. You will have lifetime access to all the course materials as well as to the WhatsApp Group.

Lets do this!

When does the course start?

We begin Monday, 19 August 2024. Get on the waitlist here.


To get a feel for Matt’s teaching style and Matt and Anna’s dynamic we recommend you check out their podcast, Very Vedic. 

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