• "I am telling everyone I know how much Matt and Vedic Meditation has changed my life"

  • "Matt is the real deal. Truly an authentic and beautiful experience"

  • "I must have tried almost every wellness thing on the planet searching my book Wellmania. The best one? Vedic Meditation"

  • "We both feel a lot calmer and more confident about coping with day to day work and life stresses, and our sleep patterns have improved"

  • "Matt made me feel welcome and safe. His teaching has all of the benefits and none of the b***s***"

  • "I like the community vibe Matt’s built with weekly drop-ins and beach meditations"

  • "Not only a place to learn mediation techniques, but an ongoing touchpoint for support, inspiration and fun times – Matt has created a unique and special community of meditators"

  • "Something I thought about for a long time and my only regret is not starting sooner … two months on, I can honestly say life's better"

  • "Finally! Proper meditation made accessible to regular people like me! I’m blown away by how simple it is to change your life"

  • "The fact Matt is so easily contactable for any questions, both during and after the course, makes the whole experience so easy"

  • "I’m so grateful to have been recommended Matt as a teacher - he is honest, relatable, and really cares for his students"

  • "I would recommend Matt and Bondi Meditation Centre to anyone considering meditation, especially those who think it's too difficult (it's not)"

  • "I've tried other meditation techniques but this one has really stuck, affecting my life and the way I manage stress in such a positive way"

  • "The days are easier, I’m more chilled and happy, doors have opened and I am living a fuller life"

  • "I’ve tried a few different forms of meditation before, but none have resonated as deeply as Vedic, or have been as effortless to incorporate into my daily life"


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