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No.1 rated Vedic Meditation Centre in Australia

I’m so happy I came across bondi meditation centre and after doing the 4 day Vedic meditation course I can say that it has already had a hugely positive impact on my life. I was noticing years of stress had built up and I was struggling with simple tasks as I deemed them to be too stressful. I already have noticed that this meditation has allowed me to see clearer and it has significantly reduced my stress and anxiety, which I have always struggled with. Thank you both so much I am so excited to continue with this and be apart of this group now 🙂
Phoebe McDonald
01:03 10 Jan 21
Meditation was my saviour when I was going through a difficult time in my life. It was something that I didn't know a lot about except it was becoming increasingly popular. I was not sure if it was right for me, that was until I met Matt. With his guidance I was able to see light at the end of a dark tunnel and I am happy to say I came out the other side with a different perspective on life. Thank you Matt your a special person.
Wendy Hughes
23:42 12 Nov 20
I joined in November 2019 and am so grateful I did. The space is amazing and provides a great sense of community and support to my meditation practise. I meditated before but the classes and group discussions on Vedic theory allow you to really understand and give more depth to your spiritual practise.
Georgia Fallon
22:44 10 Nov 20
I highly recommend learning to meditate at the Bondi Meditation Centre. The course is practical and the continuous support, deliver a great experience. To my surprise, since December last year I have been able to maintain daily mediations. Actually, I am looking forward to improve my knowledge with the Advanced Technique Course.
Mikel Uriarte
01:48 10 Nov 20
I have been mediating with Matt Ringrose for over 4 years. For a very long time nothing much happened in my mediation, at least thats what it seemed like, but every now and then something changed .... it was sometimes so ephemeral so elusive I could hardly express it in words. The feeling however made me feel good and I wanted more. So I sat in mediation more often and only recently, I seem to understand more and more what Matt talks about, when we have our weekly Monday talks. I am starting to get the teachings and when I listen to his podcast's questions, answers or solutions pop up in my. That is very empowering. I have a friend I go to meditation with and our conversations after have an enriching quality. 5 stars from me, but how do you really measure personal growth? Practice awareness.In order to measure your personal growth, it's important first to gain and practice self-awareness. Thank you Matt. JDG
monica schnieper
06:04 08 Sep 20
Matt is a game-changing teacher. After years of exploring different meditation styles, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Matt and found the missing piece I’d been looking for. Two and a half years later, the Vedic technique has become an integral part of my life and well-being. Matt generously extends his time, insight and knowledge with ease and humour and provides continued support for students to expand their practice. If you’re looking to explore what meditation can do for you, Matt has my highest recommendation.
Josie Francis
08:01 06 Sep 20
Beautiful authentic and supportive Vedic meditation community not to mention my favourite space in Bondi. Matt is awesome and the real deal. Highly recommend
kate slaymaker
20:31 01 Sep 20
Learning Vedic Meditation with Matt and subsequently being a part of the Bondi Meditation Community and studio has been a life changing experience. Not only has meditation had an enormous impact on how I deal with and get the most out of a busy life as a mother, daughter, sister, friend. It helped enormously with dealing with my divorce and having a great ongoing relationship with my kids father, and all our friends.But it is also a delight to go to the centre, Matt and Maired are always delightful, available and the centre is a warm welcoming, well run safe space.
Sarah Buckley
07:28 31 Aug 20
Bondi Meditation Centre is a great place to be a part of a relaxed, fun and welcoming community while luxuriating in all of the benefits of Vedic Meditation. Give yourself a gift!
Marianna Agostino
01:38 31 Aug 20
One of the best decision I have made was taking this meditation course with Matt. It has changed my outlook on everyday life , my anxiety disappeared and I can feel so many of the benefits on my life. I love to share my beautiful experience at BMC with others so now couple of my friends have done the course already with Matt&Mairead.
Barbara Zsenák
07:22 30 Aug 20
I have dabbled for many years in different types of meditations and centres but have never found one quite like Bondi Meditation Centre. You are not left struggling to carry on with your meditation once you’ve finished the course; you continue to be a member of a strong and down to earth meditation community. Matt and Mairead provide weekly meditation and discussion groups; and always encourage you to contact them if you need extra help. Their approach has kept my practice strong which I’ve never been able to achieve in the past ❤️
Patricia Connolly
02:00 29 Aug 20
I attended the 4 day vedic meditation course with Matt and I truly loved my experience at the Bondi Meditation Centre. Both Matt and Mairead are super knowledgeable, calm and relaxing people and they make you feel welcome even before you made the decision to sign up to their course. I would really recommend the free intro talk as a taster, as you will get to understand what vedic meditation has in place for you. Once you completed your meditation course, the learning hasn’t stopped there, it actually just began. You will have a life-long journey ahead of you with the ability to attend group meditation sessions where you have the chance to have your questions answered and connect with kind hearted, like minded people from all over Australia.
Petra Greifenstein
22:56 24 Aug 20
It has been nearly two years since I trained with Matt, and I am not sure what I would do without this practice and the regular group meditation sessions. Matt is a steady presence with a great sense of humour. His teaching strikes a balance between lightness and taking the spiritual work seriously. The community is very supportive with people of many levels of experience.
Victoria Loblay
00:05 20 Aug 20
I went along to an intro talk with Matt, I found him to be humorous, warm and open. A very different approach to the norm. In just a short time the practice was life changing. The ongoing support and group meditation is a real help to make thIs a part of every day living. A quality investment for the times we live in.
Rory Harper
11:28 12 Aug 20
One of the best decisions I've made was taking this course! Matt is a wonderful teacher and was extremely important in this path into meditation for me! I just can say that I completely felt in love with the Vedic Meditation not only because its simplicity on following but also the amazing results I am experiencing every single meditation. Thank you so much for your guidance and support!
Matt’s course at the Bondi Meditation Centre has truly changed my outlook on everyday life. After practicing for several years now my anxiety has almost disappeared, I am not as self critical and I love learning about all things meditation.I highly recommend this course to anyone, as I don’t think there is anyone this practice couldn’t help 😁 big 5 stars all round 🌟
Leah Jones
10:58 05 Aug 20
I am in awe of Matt and his teachings. I have been able to use his teaching in my daily work tasks and have made many great connections with new like minded people. The community and support is also very useful during this difficult time of C19. Thanks again Matt and all the best.
V Capital
01:25 05 Aug 20
This is the best gift I have ever given myself.. in this busy world Bondi Meditation Centre has provided me with the gift that keeps on giving. I get to carry this little oasis everywhere I go and no matter what time 🧘🏽‍♀️ It’s a way to pause from my hectic schedule, ground myself and go back into the world calmly. Matt unassuming, kind and authentic is a brilliant guide. I’m so glad I took this journey.... The community that Matt has built is unsurpassed by anything I’ve experienced. They are all really lovely, connected and normal people going through the ebb & flow of life.. The Monday evening in centre and Thursday morning Beach sunrise meditations are wonderful. Cant recommend Bondi Meditation Centre & Matt highly enough!
Wendy Colaco
08:52 04 Aug 20
One of the best things I have ever done for myself. Matt is a fantastic teacher and an all round great human. I have tried to meditate in the past and had decided it wasn’t for me. That was until Matt taught me how and taught me a way that works for me.
Jody Pachniuk
07:10 04 Aug 20
I can’t recommend Bondi Meditation Centre highly enough - not only do you get to benefit from Matt’s incredible knowledge, which he delivers with great personality and a good dose of humour, you also get to enjoy amazing experiences, such as his weekly sunrise meditation sessions on Bondi beach. Life-changing stuff.Next time I’m back in Sydney, it’s first on my list of places to revisit.
Rachael Etherington
06:15 04 Aug 20

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