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We have a new addition to the Bondi Meditation family: The Business Mind.

The Business Mind offers unique corporate meditation programs.

The classes are all based around Vedic Meditation – the world’s easiest and most powerful meditation technique – but we tailor The Business Mind meditation programs to suit an individual business’s needs.

For example, when we work with a sales-driven business we also teach the sales team mindfulness techniques specific to a sales role, with a customer service team we offer extra techniques to help with conflict resolution, and so on.

As you know if you are already a Vedic Meditator, the results from Vedic Meditation are immediate for individuals, and very quickly these benefits are reflected in the performance of the business. We are already seeing very exciting results – particularly in terms of actual sales figures and revenue – for the businesses we are working with.

If you think your place of work might benefit from some meditation and meditation-inspired thinking please let us know by emailing info@thebusinessmind.com.au to set up a free, no obligation consultation.

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