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The Five Degree Pivot

I feel lucky in that I’m generally pretty easy to please. Give me a meditation, a coastal walk and a Gertrude and Alice chai and I’m surprisingly fulfilled in the repetition of it all. But last week I encountered something a little unexpected: boredom. When Covid first hit it brought with it a wave of […]

Forgive them Father…..

Always know that everyone is doing their best at any time. Our behaviour is determined by our state of consciousness. Our state of consciousness determines the quality of our behaviour, the extent to which we can have a desire to behave better or even have an awareness that better behaviour is possible. It is so […]

Coronavirus, toilet rolls etc.

The current Coronavirus is providing a fascinating insight into human nature. What we are witnessing is the human response to entering the unknown and losing control. If we don’t understand something we get scared, and when we get scared we seek to control. That is the unconscious human pattern. Humans are not good at interpreting […]


“Inspiration is the capacity to uplift another via your state of consciousness” I was inspired to write this by the film Backtrack Boys that we screened at BMC last Friday night. It struck me as I sat there with a little ‘moisture’ in my eyes, uplifted by the power of good on the screen, how […]

Welcome to Very Vedic

A knowledge podcast that answers the questions we all have about life today, using the oldest wisdom on the planet – the ancient Vedic texts from India, The Vedas. Host and founder of Bondi Meditation Centre, Matt Ringrose, has been teaching Vedic Meditation for quite some time, and has been using this ancient wisdom to […]

Meditation to help with infertility

“After that fifth failed IVF cycle, I realised I had to do something different.” Students find Vedic Meditation at different times and for different reasons. For Anita Whittingham, she was navigating infertility and the prospect of never fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother. This is his BMC story. I started meditating at end of […]

Meditation for addiction and recovery

“I started meditating before I got sober, and a big part of AA is Step 11, which is meditation.” Students find Vedic Meditation at different times and for different reasons. For Adam Koureas, he was struggling with addiction and destructive behaviour. This is his BMC story. I had sort of health breakdown and decided not […]

Meditation to help insomnia and anxiety

“Within a very short amount of time, my life changed forever.” Students find Vedic Meditation at different times and for different reasons. For Ben Ager, he was suffering from anxiety and crippling insomnia. This is his BMC story. I’ve been meditating now for just over two years. I have a history of anxiety. I was […]

The link between meditation and love

Why There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Love There is nothing more powerful than love. It is the reason the universe exists and it is the solution to all problems. The odds of life existing on Planet Earth are trillions upon trillions to one. If Earth was a tiny bit closer to the sun, the […]

Why is meditation making me feel bad

Why Spiritual Breakthroughs Can Often Feel Like Breakdowns How good we feel is not always a clear indication of how well we’re doing when it comes to spiritual growth It can be confusing when, at times on our meditation journey, life seems to get harder rather than easier. Sometimes it can feel as if instead […]


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