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Why There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Love

There is nothing more powerful than love. It is the reason the universe exists and it is the solution to all problems.

The odds of life existing on Planet Earth are trillions upon trillions to one. If Earth was a tiny bit closer to the sun, the Moons orbit was just one degree different, or Pluto was one hundred metres further away, life here would not exist as we know it.

But these astronomical odds only apply if we consider the universe to be operating randomly along certain laws without a bias for creating life. These days the most popular scientific view is that the universe is actually bio-friendly. This means that it has a tendency, an intention if you like, to organise the elements to create the conditions for life.

This impulse within consciousness to support life and move everything towards unity is the essence of love.

The Vedic view
The Vedic view aligns completely with this theory. The Veda says that the universe is an expression of an underlying creative intelligence, known as consciousness. Consciousness, in the Vedic view, is bio-friendly: it orchestrates everything in the universe perfectly to support life and evolution. This impulse within consciousness to support life and move everything towards unity is the essence of love.
When we meditate regularly, we become a clearer channel through which consciousness can express itself. We feel the quality of pure, unconditional love flow through us and we experience its power in our own lives.

Love expressing itself

  • We find our sphere of positive influence growing
  • We bring abundance into our lives
  • We are able to inspire and bring joy to others
  • We dissolve conflict and create unity
  • We experience more playfulness in life
  • We find liberation from the ego
  • We heal ourselves and others

It becomes clear that there is no obstacle to happiness and evolution that pure unconditional love cannot dissolve.

There is nothing more powerful than love.

With love and Jai Guru Deva,
Matt xo

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