A spiritual first aid kit

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We're Matt and Mairead

We’re both full-time teachers of Vedic meditation, trained to the highest standards. We draw on our own (colourful) life experience to teach Vedic Knowledge in a way that is down to earth and relatable.

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When the stress kicks in and you forget the Truth of what you are and what you know, remember the following:

  1. There is only NOW – come back to the present and be here. The future is just an idea and the past is a story we tell ourselves. Comeback to the NOW as its the only real place of existence.
  2. Life is a PROCESS not an outcome so enjoy the continuum of growth and stop waiting for the time when you will finally be able to let go.
  3. You are already FULFILLED. You dont actually need anything/one to fill you up. You are enough. You are whole. You are Divine. What you need to do is take your fulfilment into every interaction and allow yourself to give and receive in the process of now.

Due to its portable nature, this spiritual first aid kit can be used in any situation.

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