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We’re both full-time teachers of Vedic meditation, trained to the highest standards. We draw on our own (colourful) life experience to teach Vedic Knowledge in a way that is down to earth and relatable.

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BrigidDelaney, Journalist at the Guardian and student of Bondi Meditation Centre

“Finally! Proper meditation made accessible to regular people like me! Im blown away by how simple it is to change your life. Matts real-life wisdom and infectious personality made the course an absolute pleasure. Im beyond grateful.”
“I think I was intimated by meditation. I thought it was either too hard, too boring, or for people on communes. With Matt, its none of those things. It was such an enjoyable week and Matt is a gifted teacher, facilitator, and generally makes great company. Ive left not only with meditation as a tool for my everyday life, but Ive also joined an awesome community of people. The group meetings are an ego and barrier free zone of likeminded people. Finding the BMC has become a big part of my life.”
“Life changing – reaping the benefits of my daily practice having completed the course a few months ago. Found Matts teaching style to be easy going and humorous. I like the community vibe hes built with weekly drop-ins and beach meditations. Also, the post-course emails he sends to help keep you practice on track have been very helpful. I highly recommend the Bondi Meditation Centre!”
Ive been doing Vedic meditation with Matt now for around 3 months. My life has completely changed in work, relationships and myself.I have a sometimes very stressful job in sales but straight after I learned meditation in my first week my sales had doubled, I dont really get stressed anymore at work and its become a job that I really enjoy.”
Matt gave me the tools to do something I never thought I’d be able to. Turns out it’s not as hard as you’d think! Plus, He’s super cool and down-to-earth. Totally gets it. Would recommend to anyone considering meditation, especially those who think it’s too difficult (it’s not).”
Ive tried a few different forms of meditation before, but none have resonated as deeply as Vedic, or have been as effortless to incorporate into my daily life. Im so grateful to have been recommended Matt as a teacher he is honest, relatable, and really cares for his students. He comes from a place of truth, love, and wanting to share the gift of meditation with all. Thanks Matt!”
A one-week course that can change your life. Matt is truly amazing and easy to connect with. I am telling everyone I know how much Matt and Vedic Meditation has changed my life.”
I decided to start Vedic Meditation after being strongly recommended to it by more people than I can count. The practice is simple, doable and extremely effective. If you want to actually achieve your potential and start living life full of more clarity, productivity, heart and depth then you should learn to Vedic meditate – dont even wait. Also, Matt is crazy smart, effective and genuinely funny. As a teacher, I couldnt recommend him highly enough. Just do it; dont overthink it, trust me.”
Something I thought about for a long time and my only regret is not starting sooner. Matt makes the process not only effortless but enjoyable and after meditating consistently for two months now I can honestly say life’s better. Thanks for everything.”
So I am not what most would describe as a deeply spiritual person. I do not believe in karma, reincarnation, the power of positive thought and the very sound of the word “Mindfulness” makes me feel uneasy. However, I do suffer from general anxiety disorder and this was having such a dire impact of my life that I felt I had to do something other than just huddle in a corner waiting for each attack to pass.
Naturally because of all of the above the idea of meditation was way outside of my comfort zone and when someone recommended Matt to me I feared a room full of people hugging each other and repeating the word “Amaaaaaaaaaazing” over and over.
But Matt isn’t like that. He is down to earth, very normal, extremely patient, very kind and doesn’t have an ounce of ponciness or pretentiousness in him.
He made me feel welcome and safe. His teaching has all of the benefits and none of the bullshit.
One month after the course I had an anxiety attack in a hotel room. I took the opportunity to use Matt’s teachings and I meditated. As I did, I kid you not, the anxiety just evaporated. I have been dealing with anxiety since I was about 10 years old and I have never experienced anything like it. It literally just left my body.
This was just over a year ago. Since that time I have had so much more control – for want of a better word. My anxiety has not overcome or got the better of me. It will always be there, but now I can see it almost as a positive side of me.

Doing the course with Matt has done nothing short of given me my life back.
One of the hardest things for me with my anxiety is travel. I recently returned from a trip to New York with my family and my wife, who’s patience and support over the years has been excellent, said it was like travelling with a completely different person. I was calm, I embraced experiences I would have previously rejected, and I didn’t let stress get on top of me.

The same effect has happened in my everyday life. I feel like I can tackle anything and I see a future now packed with exciting and terrifying experiences and I cannot wait.

I cannot recommend doing this course and making Vedic meditation part of your life strongly enough.”
I have tried a number of holistic health practices and have always been told I am someone who would benefit from meditation – problem is I found it difficult to do and would find any excuse not to do it.
I read about Matt and his meditation technique and thought I would give meditation ‘one more try’. I have been surprised how quickly I got hooked and I now make my 2 meditation a day a priority…this is thanks to Matt and his teaching.
The course is easy and you can feel the difference straight away. Matt is a great support and the way he teaches and explains things are so easy to relate to – you don’t have to be a spiritual person to start, like me you can be someone who leads a busy, stressful life and over time heal your mind and body.”
I found Matt to be really straight forward and practical, so really easy to relate to. From the intro talk, much of the research I had found was reinforced by what he was saying which gave me confidence Matt wasn’t just taking me on a ride. He had a really simple approach to explaining how Vedic meditation works and how it could help. During my 4 day course, Matt explained many of the emotions I was experiencing. Now a few months on, I’m meditating twice daily and am findingmyself much more content and relaxed, so much so that colleagues and friends are even commenting. I’m looking forward to seeing more benefits in the future. The fact Matt is so easily contactable for any questions, both during and after the course, makes the whole experience so easy – no matter how small the question Matt puts things into order and helps you understand. So far so good! I highly recommend to anyone considering – I was very cynical to start but encourage anyone to try it!”
“Matt has helped me integrate a simple and powerful, daily meditation practice. I’ve tried other meditation techniques but this one has really stuck, affecting my life and the way I manage stress in such a positive way. Through the course and daily practice I’ve been able to take a step back from my thought processes and build more self-awareness and a calmer approach. Matt has a very easy-going, approachable and supportive nature, even stemming beyond the course itself, he is there to answer questions and has built an inclusive community that welcomes everyone. I’d recommend Matt as a facilitator, and Vedic mediation to anyone, at any stage of their journey.”
Morgan Langford
Matt is one of my favourite humans, he is an exceptional meditation teacher and someone I see as a mentor. His way of expressing truth and wisdom is so accessible and light, despite the profound depths of what he teaches he delivers it with warmth and humour. Matt welcomes everyone into his community and is truly someone who walks his talk, I’m so grateful for our weekly group meditations and even more so the casual discussions that ensue afterwards, we drink tea and shine lights on the meaning of life.”
One of the best experiences Ive had and now Im armed up with something Ill have for the remainder of my life!!! Thanks Matt.”
Having gone to one of Matt’s introductory chats on a friends recommendation I instantly felt at ease and comfortable in his company. I had never meditated before and I can honestly say it has improved my life a lot. Matt’s good humour, sharp wit and excellent way of explaining the process made it enjoyable, fun and easy. I can’t recommend highly enough.”
I thoroughly recommend learning Vedic meditation with Matt. His light, joyous energy and friendly nature makes every one feel comfortable. Matt takes the time to help every individual get into their groove with the meditation and takes delight to answer every question and enquiry that comes up. He provides the perfect environment to learn the techniques and then also welcomes you into the existing community of meditators. He also offers continued support and guidance. The results speak for themselves with this age old meditation technique. I feel very blessed to have Matt as my teacher and be part of the community of growth, health and happiness!”
Gina Brescianini
From the first time I met Matt I’ve felt the warmth and kindness he radiates. The passionate but natural way he talks about the profits of meditation got me on the journey without hesitation. I love the way he opens his arm for you to reach back if you ever feel struggle or stuck.
I highly recommend him to ANYONE:)”
Elin Ohm
I was recommended Matt through various sources and am so glad they pointed me in his direction. He is an extremely gifted and erudite teacher. I met Matt after having already established a Vedic Meditation practice over a couple of years. Over the last year Matt has truly expanded my knowledge and understanding of Vedic Meditation. At his group meditations, we delve into subtle and beautiful aspects of the practice that were previously hidden to me. Matt is a superb teacher, he steers his group effortlessly through Vedic Meditation concepts with clarity and good humour. Mine and my wife’s meditation practices have improved exponentially under his tutelage. I would truly recommend Matt to anyone.”
I found Bondi meditation centre at the perfect time in my life. Vedic meditation is simple yet powerful and greatly beneficial to anyone regardless of meditation experience. Matt is wonderful teacher, down to earth and supportive. This will definitely be a life long practice and Matt a life long friend.”
Matt’s Vedic Meditation class couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and needed something or someone to invite positive energy back into my life. The comfort, respect and peaceful nature I absorbed on this course was purifying and real. Matt teaches Vedic Meditation with care and ease; his holistic approach is refreshing and raw. He respects your life choices, circumstances and understands life as it is with no judgement which is warming and comforting. His genuine, thorough and positive practice methods gave me wise insight and encouraged the notion that it’s not just about stilling my mind, but learning to be patient and understanding. Matt went above and beyond the scope of learning to ensure my experience was not only personable and successful but checked in and offered inspiration and guidance after the course completion. I can’t thank Matt enough for the positive light he has showered me in and recommend him to everyone and anyone at any stage of their journey.”
Matt is a seriously cool dude. Relaxed, genuine and has a unique ability to relate. His meditation technique has been the first one that actually sticks. Good tea too. Thanks!”
I moved to Australia in February and it’s been just over a month and a half since I have taken Matt’s meditation course. Completing the course with Matt has by far been the best thing that has happened to me since my transition down under. Matt’s approachable and patient disposition not only makes him a great vedic teacher, but serves as someone you can reach out to in a time in need. The weekly meditation sessions allow you to continue your practice in a group setting, thus allowing any questions or concerns you have to be answered. Matt- thank you so much for introducing meditation into my life. You are truly one of a kind.”
It’s so hard to even put into words the effect Matt and Bondi Meditation Centre has had on my life and the people around me. The course was one of the most eye opening and grounding experiences where I truly found myself again (without sounding too corny). The ongoing group meditation and courses Matt offers allows me to keep on track and also deepen my practice further. If you’re thinking it, then give it a go because just like you I was somehow led to it and I now can’t imagine my life without meditating.”
If you want to change your life, do Matts course. All of your problems, your stress levels, anxiety will dissipate and become more manageable in a way that you could never imagine. Matt has a perfect duality about him; he can be spiritual, and he can certainly be practical. Whatever you need you will get. You can go at it alone and use the tools youve learned to improve your life, or you can build relationships with others and be a part of a community. Definitely take the plunge to accelerate your evolution x”

This is a life saver. What you can handle and the difference in health and head space that comes with meditating daily is second to none. If you want to heal and let go of past trauma and toxic stress, feel less stressed in your every day and be a better version of yourself … you NEED to meditate, DAILY. Matt is the perfect teacher and Bondi Meditation Centre such a stunning calm place to learn. I wish this was mandatory for all, wed have a kinder less defensive and reactive world to live in if everyone was to meditate. Full support and gratitude for what I learnt here and the encouragement to up my daily 10-minute meditation to 2 x 20-minute, feeling so much better for it.”
I am so thankful that I met Matt and completed the Vedic meditation course. After months of been unsure if meditation was right for me, it is now so clear to see that I needed to take some time out for myself. Being a mum and just dealing with the general fast pace of life had really crept up on me and now I’ve found something that allows me to take time to reflect and really appreciate everything life has to offer. Matt is a wonderful teacher and is so supportive throughout the whole process.”
Thanks to Matt, Vedic Meditation has become an integral part of my daily life. It has helped me with my insomnia and anxiety. The experience is grounding and gives you a clearer sense of self as well as many other benefits. I highly recommend Bondi Meditation as Matt shows you how simple yet significant this technique can be.”
From the first time I met Matt I’ve felt the warmth and kindness he radiates. The passionate but natural way he talks about the profits of meditation got me on the journey without hesitation. I love the way he opens his arm for you to reach back if you ever feel struggle or stuck. I highly recommend him to ANYONE”
A friend of mine invited me to join one of Matts free introductory talks as he knew I was going through a stressful time and thought it would help me. Ive now completed the course Matts extensive knowledge in Vedic meditation, his insights and his realistic approach, mean I now have the tools and knowledge of this ancient technique, set in the modern context. In addition to learning this new technique, I am part of a community where I stay in touch with Matt and attend regular free group meditations. Thank you Matt!”

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