Rounding is a unique sequence of very simple yoga asanas, breathwork and meditation designed to release significant amounts of stress in a short period of time.

For example, two days of Rounding will release the equivalent amount of stress you’d release after six months’ of twice daily meditation.

The process of Rounding allows the body to rest at very deep levels for long periods of time. Not only does this release deep-rooted stresses and fatigue, leaving us feeling lighter and more energetic, it also gives us prolonged exposure to deeper states of consciousness. We come out of a Retreat infused with a palpable sense of peace and stillness that allows us to adapt to life’s challenges more easily.

Can anyone attend a Rounding Retreat?

Rounding is highly recommended for Vedic Meditators wishing to take their meditation experience to the next level.

The only pre-requisite to attend a rounding retreat is that you have learned Vedic Meditation. It is perfect for regular meditators looking to deepen and refine their practice, as well as being a great opportunity for anyone who has lapsed in their meditation to reconnect with their practice.

At Bondi Meditation Centre we offer twice-yearly residential retreats (one in Australia and one overseas), as well as opportunities to learn the art of Rounding at our Centre in Bondi.


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