BMC Supporters Membership

At BMC we have always been committed to building a real meditation community that supports our students in heir meditation practice. With the BMC Supporters membership we are able to take that commitment to the next level.

For $9 / week, our BMC Supporters receive:

  • A BMC Supporter login to this website to access supporter-only benefits
  • Access to daily drop-in Group Meditations at BMC
  • Exclusive invites to monthly Vedic Exploration Evenings
  • Exclusive invites to fortnightly Friday Night Hang Outs
  • Weekly Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis

NB: The BMC Supporters Membership is only open to people who have already learned Vedic Meditation either at Bondi Meditation Centre or elsewhere. All drop-in meditations are unguided. If you are interested in learning Vedic Meditation click here

Daily Drop-in Group Meditations

BMC Supporters get unlimited access to our daily drop-in Group Meditations at BMC. We host one in the morning before work and one in the early evening (see timetable for details).

We know a lot of our students enjoy meditating in groups. These drop-in sessions make that a daily possibility. Post-meditation tea is served for those who like to stay and chat afterwards. These sessions are also intended to provide added accountability and structure for people who struggle to meditate regularly.

Vedic Exploration Evenings

Once a month our BMC Supporters receive an invite to a two-hour meditation and discussion session where we talk about a particular subject (e.g. relationships, work, raising children, the art of letting go, the stages of enlightenment) through the lens of Vedic wisdom.

These are similar to our regular Monday night group discussions, but longer, deeper and with a pre-defined topic.

Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis

Our BMC Supporters are invited to access a fortnightly Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis at BMC with Dylan Smith from Vital Veda.

Pulse diagnosis – a healing art and science – is an accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool employed to figure out where any imbalance exists in the body, and what the nature of the imbalance is.

Ayurvedic practitioner Dylan Smith is blessed to have learnt pulse diagnosis from his teachers who are internationally renowned masters of the art.

Friday Night Hang Outs

Our BMC Supporters also receive invites to our fortnightly Friday Night Hang Outs. This is a very informal social alternative to Friday night down the pub. We begin with an optional Group Meditation at 7.10pm, and then have a bite to eat, a chat, and sometimes even a party!

Keen to Sign Up?

Our BMC Supporters membership costs $9 a week – yep, just $36 a month. You’ll get a log in for this website, where you’ll be able to access and book all of the above, plus more Supporter-only benefits as we roll them out.

With love and JGD.

Matt & the BMC team

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