The Technique

The technique taught at the Bondi Meditation Centre is Vedic Meditation. The Vedic Meditation technique originated in India over 5000 years ago and comes from the same body of knowledge as yoga. Like yoga, it can be practised by anyone regardless of religion or belief system. It is incredibly easy to learn and extremely effective, bringing immediate and profound benefits to the student.

To practice Vedic Meditation you sit comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed and mentally repeat a mantra (sound-vibration) which has been selected by a qualified teacher to suit your profile. The mantra effortlessly leads the mind into quieter, more subtle states. No concentration, force or effort is required – the process is simple and natural.

In meditation the mind comes to experience a pervasive calm which practitioners describe, at its fullest, as bliss. This in turn brings a sense of calmness, clarity, lightness and adaptability to the meditator’s daily life. Life becomes easier, richer and more rewarding.

The Course

The course runs over four consecutive days, for 90 minutes each day. By the end of the course you will be an expert meditator, self sufficient and able to meditate successfully anywhere at any time. If this sounds unlikely to you, prepare to be surprised, but rest assured that your teacher will continue to support you beyond the four day course to ensure that you are confident in your practice.

If you are interested in learning to meditate, the first step is to attend an introductory talk. This is a one hour overview of Vedic Meditation and covers details of how the technique works, the benefits of meditation and the structure of the course. The introductory talk is of course free of charge and obligation.

Upcoming Vedic Meditation Courses

Please choose a course date and submit your details below. We will be in touch to confirm the details with you.

Courses run for 1-2 hours per day from Tuesday to Friday at the following times:

Tuesday: Student nominates an hour between 6am and 10pm for this initial 1-on-1 consultation with their teacher.
Wednesday: 6.30pm-8.30pm
Thursday: 6.30pm-8.30pm
Friday: 6.30am-8am (morning)
  • Course fee is $895 (inc GST) This fee covers the four day course as well as lifetime free entry to twice weekly group meditations and lifetime 1-on-1 support from your teacher in your meditation practice


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