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“Inspiration is the capacity to uplift another via your state of consciousness”

I was inspired to write this by the film Backtrack Boys that we screened at BMC last Friday night. It struck me as I sat there with a little ‘moisture’ in my eyes, uplifted by the power of good on the screen, how important inspiration is.

There has been much talk lately of what to do in the face of the challenges that confront us. The other night at group meditation someone stated that they felt powerless to know how to respond to the recent bushfires. I’ve heard this a few times lately.

This feeling of impotence might come partly from the reflex to crises of blaming others and emphasising separation. This is a weak response. Organisms do not thrive when different parts of the organism are in conflict with one another. Any disease will show you this. So as long as we alienate those we disagree with, the organism of humanity will struggle, and yes we will feel powerless.

But there is an antidote to this: inspiration.

The etymological definition of inspiration is “to influence, move, or guide (as to speech or action) through divine or supernatural agency or power.” Inspiration is the capacity to uplift another via your state of consciousness. As our consciousness rises it has the potential to elevate those who come into contact with us. This can happen on a purely energetic level but also through the example we set by our behaviour.

Inspiration is a powerful mobiliser. As we watched Bernie and his unconditional love for the boys in his care on Friday night I’m sure I was not alone in feeling energised, uplifted and motivated. He has a unifying and inspiring presence because of his state of consciousness. People are attracted to that state of consciousness and want to support it, and even aspire to it. The Vedic texts talk of ‘Sattvic gravity’. When a person is identified as highly conscious, with qualities of honesty, wisdom, courage and purity, the universe draws on its resources to support them.

This is authentic power – the infinite organising power of consciousness itself – and we all have the potential to harness it.

The most powerful thing we can do socially or politically is to become inspirational exemplars, with the capacity to commune across any kind of divide. This way we connect the different parts of the organism – humanity – into a more powerful coherent whole.

How do we do this? Meditate for twenty minutes twice a day and be kind and loving to life in all its expressions whether it is similar to us or different to us. This is a very powerful form of activism, perhaps the most powerful of all.

With love and Jai Guru Deva,


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