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Always know that everyone is doing their best at any time.

Our behaviour is determined by our state of consciousness.

Our state of consciousness determines the quality of our behaviour, the extent to which we can have a desire to behave better or even have an awareness that better behaviour is possible.

It is so engrained in us to to condemn another’s behaviour, as if by doing so we are playing our part in upholding social or moral standards when in fact the opposite is closer to the truth.

Condemnation has no power to raise consciousness, and very limited power to improve behaviour. In fact, by putting our attention on things we disapprove of, we are more likely to sustain or even grow those qualities.

A far more effective way to improve the behaviour of others is to inspire them through love and high, loving action. Simply giving them this experience creates some raising of consciousness which they experience as upliftment and a desire to be better.

With Love and Jai Guru Deva

Matt & Mairead

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