Advanced Vedic Meditation Course

During our 2 day Advanced Vedic Meditation course you'll receive an Advanced Technique which is designed to take your practice to the next level.

The original mantra you are given when you learn Vedic Meditation is enough for a lifetime of evolution.

However, if you are enjoying your meditation practice and want to optimise the benefits that come from practicing it regularly, you can receive an Advanced Technique after you have been meditating consistently for at least 12 months. 

An Advanced Technique may involve you learning a variation or elongation of your existing mantra, or it may involve learning an advanced method of using the mantra you have already received.

Think of it like traveling to Melbourne. You can drive there, but it will take a while. The Advanced Technique is like catching a plane. It is a way of speeding up our meditation journey and bringing more profound benefits and evolution more quickly. 


Supercharge your meditation practice

Course Commitment

Session 2 - 60 minutes

The course runs over 2 sessions and is held in person at Bondi Meditation Centre. You will need to attend both sessions, in person, to complete the course.

In this session your teacher will check your Advanced Technique, you will share experiences and meditate together.

Session 1 - 90 minutes

In this session your Vedic Meditation teacher will perform a short ceremony of gratitude before giving you your Advanced Technique and leading you in meditation.


Your original ‘Bija’ mantra, that we are given when we first learn Vedic Meditation, is a pure transcendent sound. Its primary job is to allow us to transcend, rest the mind and body deeply and release stress. 

The first Advanced Technique (you can receive a new one every year for many years to come!) is designed to take our awareness to that sweet, subtle layer of consciousness where our mind can think and also can ‘Be’ simultaneously. So we experience more of that deep, peaceful, spaciousness in our meditations and we find we increasingly bring that inner stillness out into our eyes-open state. 

What does this mean for our experience of everyday life? People practising an Advanced Technique commonly report a richer sensory experience and a refinement in their ability to detect and follow their intuition.

Deepen your meditation
Sharpen your senses
Refine your intuition

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