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Exploring The Veda

As Vedic Meditators we are so lucky to not only have access to an amazing meditation technique, but also an entire body of profound wisdom. The only question can be where to find it? If we go to the source material itself – the ancient Vedic texts – we will likely come away none-the-wiser. They are indecipherable to most of us, even in translation. And surprisingly there are very few books at all which explore Vedic Knowledge in a digestible way. 

Fortunately for us there is a brilliant course, ‘Exploring the Veda’, specifically designed by my teacher Thom Knoles to extract the most practical and relevant wisdom from the Vedas and present it in a way that is captivating and inspiring.

Even diligent meditators can have a tendency to hold onto old habits and old ways of thinking that keep us from enjoying the true peace and happiness which is available to us.

Why? The problem lies with the intellect. We trust our intellect to make decisions that we hope will make us happy. But the fact is that the intellect instead often leads us into suffering with its faulty thinking and unconscious beliefs. The Vedic texts refer to this as ‘Pragya-aparadh’ which translates as ‘the mistaken intellect’.

The way to move through this is to present the intellect with true wisdom based on the real laws of cause and effect. In the end the intellect cannot argue with the superior logic, the intellect capitulates, is corrected and we meet our true potential.

Exploring The Veda is made up of 6 parts. Each part runs over a weekend when we listen to the original recordings from Thom Knoles’ live teachings before delving deep into the knowledge together. You will receive advanced techniques exclusive to the course and practice the art of Vedic Rounding.

We are now running Parts 4- 6 throughout June, July and August. This is available to Vedic Meditators who have already completed parts 1-3. Please express your interest below and we will send you all the details. 


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