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Advanced Courses

All Advanced Courses are for Vedic Meditators only. If you are interested in learning Vedic Meditation you can find our beginners course here. Anyone completing an Advanced Course at BMC automatically receives lifetime membership to BMC.

  • Advanced Technique


    If you’ve been meditating consistently with your mantra for at least 12 months, we recommend you learn an Advanced Technique. An Advanced Technique refines your meditation experience and takes your practice to the next level.

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  • Exploring the Veda

    The definitive Vedic Knowledge course for Vedic Meditators. This classic six-part course, designed by our teacher Thom Knoles, is a deep exploration of the wisdom found in the Vedic texts. This is ancient knowledge made digestible, practical and relevant to modern life. Expect insights into how the Universe really works, approaches to life to increase joy and reduce suffering as well as learning advanced techniques exclusive to this course.

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  • Mastering the Siddhis

    A siddhi is an extraordinary human power, a rare capability to interact with the laws of nature to manifest desires, the power to engage the laws of nature in order to live in accord with them from within one's deep level of bliss consciousness. Once mastered, the siddhis are considered to be the most powerful and advanced technique in a meditator's repertoire. Thom Knoles designed this course exclusively for the advanced Vedic meditator.

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  • Raising Enlightened Children

    Lecture series from Thom Knoles exploring how an understanding of Vedic principles can help us to raise children who happier, experience more freedom and are better equipped to deal with life's inevitable challenges.

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  • A Course in God Consciousness

    Lecture series from Thom Knoles in which he assists the meditator in deepening their connection with the world and everything in it.

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  • Online Learn Vedic Rounding Course

    ‘Rounding’ is the easiest and most immediate way for Vedic Meditators to take their meditation experience to the next level. Rounding is an advanced technique that combines simple yoga asanas, breathwork and meditation to powerful effect.

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