Matt Ringrose is an independent teacher of Vedic meditation, and the founder of one of Sydney’s most successful meditation schools, Bondi Meditation Centre.

He’s been meditating for over a decade and after receiving the highest standard of training in Vedic Meditation, has since taught over 1,000 students.

As a DJ with a corporate and entrepreneurial background, Matt is passionate about making this ancient knowledge accessible, relevant and enjoyable in modern life.

His strongest attribute as a teacher is his relatability. When Matt teaches, it’s through the lens of his diverse life experience.

Through his corporate offering The Business Mind, Matt has taught entire teams how to meditate, as well as mentoring the leaders of those businesses.

Matt has been featured in titles including The Sydney Morning Herald, InStyle, POPSUGAR and Bondi’s The Beast; and The Guardian’s Brigid Delaney dedicated a whole section to his teaching in her best-selling book Wellmania — Misadventures in the Search For Wellness.

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